Commercial Moves

Able Pasadena Movers strongly believes in delivering professional, high quality moving services. If your business is located on a commercial property, you can avail our Commercial Move services. We take pride in being one of the most experienced commercial movers, packing and moving your merchandise and assets carefully and meticulously. We understand that packing industrial grade machinery and equipment requires careful dismantling and assembling. Luckily, Able Pasadena Movers has the necessary experience to deal with all the challenges of an industrial move.

Commercial Move - Why Go For It?
Our Commercial Move services are different from traditional moves such as homes, offices and retail. That is why we put our most experienced moving crew on the job, especially those who are aware of industry standards such as OSHA and EPA.

Some of the instances where our commercial move services are highly required include:
• Merger between two businesses
• Expansion of a brand
• Relocation to a less expensive area to cut costs

Regardless of your current or future plans or the size of the move, Able Pasadena Movers will do its best to complete your relocation as quickly as possible and reduce downtime for you and your employees. Also trust us to make sure that your move is completed without a single incident. We want you to have a stress-free experience so that you can concentrate on the business side of the move.

Commercial Move – Who is it For?
There are several commercial entities that can benefit from our efficient and professional Commercial Move services. Here are a few examples of commercial establishments that we have moved:

Able Pasadena Movers is proud to announce that we can move all kinds of industrial establishments. We follow all the regulations set by the government to move hazardous material. Moreover, we are well informed about EPA and OSHA regulations and take pride in being able to follow instructions to a tee.

Pasadena is renowned nationwide for its natural produce and its farming industry. As we serve every commercial entity in our community, we also offer to move farms. Relocating farms include moving tractors, machines, tools and livestock. We further provide excellent and safe transport facilities for the livestock we move. Rest assured that Able Pasadena Movers will make sure your farm animals are kept safe from any kind of harm during the move.

Able Pasadena Movers can move all kinds of warehouses. We have the dedication and expertise to pack items of all nature. Furthermore, our moving crew understands that certain items require a delicate touch. Therefore, your merchandise as well as every element in your warehouse will be taken care of and handled with utmost care.

If you are looking to move your hotel, you have come to the right people. Able Pasadena Movers has moved numerous members of the hospitality industry since it started out. Whether you need to relocate your cozy motel or require help moving a multi-story luxurious hotel, expect us to be professional in every way. From your furniture to your fragile items and all the way to your data centers – rest assured that everything will reach your new location without a single scratch.

Medical Establishments
From hospitals to research labs and all the way to pharmaceutical companies, Able Pasadena Movers has ample experience in relocating all types of medical establishments. Trust us to handle your extremely expensive and sensitive equipment with absolute care. We also pack all your items and move them quickly so that you do not lose any work days. For an additional fee, we can set your things once we have unloaded and unpacked all machinery and equipment. That way, you will not have to do the hard work once we leave.

Commercial Move – What is the Price of the Service?
We do not have a set price for our service because we know that every client’s requirements are different. To determine the price we quote to you, we will send over a representative to your site. There are various things that are factored in the final pricing of a move, including:

★ The total quantity of the items moved
★ The fragility of the items relocated
★ Special moving and handling instructions and regulations
★ The weight of the items
★ Additional services required
★ Distance between the two sites

Rest assured that we will negotiate our quote so that we can reach a price both parties agree on. We are dedicated to our customers and will do our best to ensure their satisfaction with our services and prove that we are the right choice for them.

Call Able Pasadena Movers (626) 710-4471 and book us today. We promise you quality moving services that you will always rely on.