Office Moves

Pasadena is home to thousands of businesses that serve the community through a wide range of products and services. To maintain their competitive edge, offices opt to move to smaller or larger areas depending on their success. Able Pasadena Movers is proud to state that it has been the first choice of many local and national businesses in Pasadena whenever they required office moves. The trust of the local residents of Pasadena has helped us expand and grow over the years. Therefore, we strive to maintain a standard of moving services that is critically acclaimed throughout the city.

Able Pasadena Movers is ready to take on any office of any size. Whether you need to move a small office or your multi-story company headquarters, we are ready to help. It does not even matter whether you want to move your office to the opposite building or across the country, we will complete the move no matter the challenges.
The most common items we handle during an office move are computers, servers, electrical appliances, filing cabinets, furniture, and decorative items. We also offer to pack these for you, adding to your peace of mind and ensuring ample convenience. Combine that with the experience of our moving crew and it is safe to assume that your items will be delivered to your new location scratch-free.

Office Move - Why Go For It?
Over the years, we have had clients move their offices for different reasons. Needless to say, whatever moving project we have received, big or small, we have successfully completed it without any incident. Here are some of the popular reasons our clients shared after opting for our office moving services.

New Branch
Pasadena is a wonderful city for businesses to flourish. If you are looking to establish a new branch within the city or plan on taking your business to another state, trust us to move any type of item\items you have in mind.

When your business is expanding, you will require a bigger office. However, moving from a smaller place to a bigger one can become difficult considering how many things can break. Able Pasadena Movers will help you relocate quickly and smoothly so that you are free from stress and able to focus on other aspects of your business.

Whether you are moving into the office of the company you are merging with, their office moving into yours, or both of your companies are looking for a new big office, Able Pasadena Movers will make sure the process is absolutely smooth and stress-free.

So you are looking to downsize your company and are looking to move to a smaller office. Now this does not mean that the company is suffering from losses to make this move; you might just have a bigger plan down the line. Either way, Able Pasadena Movers will make sure your transition from a bigger to smaller establishment is smooth and comforting.

Office Move - What Does It Entail?
You must be worried that you will be missing a lot of office days due to the move or end up with broken items. It is for reasons like these that a lot of business owners avoid moving. However, you will be happy to hear that Able Pasadena Movers will make all your worries go away. We will make the move pleasant and perform all the stressful tasks ourselves.

The biggest concern that you may have before hiring a moving company must be about the size of the project and whether the moving company can handle it. Able Pasadena Movers has experience dealing with all sorts of moves, even the complicated and huge one. So you do not have to be worried about this at all.

We have special packing techniques that allow us to ensure that the items in your office will not suffer from scratches or damage during the move. We also have ample experience relocating different office equipment, such as:
❖ Laptops and computers
❖ Printers
❖ Servers
❖ Electrical appliances
❖ Furniture
❖ Books
❖ Records
❖ Filing cabinets
❖ Artwork
❖ Decorative items
❖ Paintings
❖ Plants

Office Move – What is the Price of the Service?
We understand that the needs of our clients are different, which is why we do not have a single price set for our services. However, we do factor the following in the quotes we provide to our clients.
★ Distance between the two locations
★ Fragility of the items being moved
★ Quantity of the item/items being moved
★ Weight of the item being moved
★ Added services included in the service package
★ Special handling requirements

If you are looking to get an exact quote, you can give us a call and ask for one of our representatives to pay your office a visit. The representative will take all the aforementioned factors into consideration and decide the price. You are welcome to have a detailed discussion with them to understand how the pricing was done. If you think there is room for negotiation, do not hesitate to negotiate our flexible quotes. However, we assure you that the prices Able Pasadena Movers offer are quite competitive in comparison with those offered by other companies in the moving industry in Pasadena.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at (626) 710-4471 and book your office move today! Find out why we are considered one of the friendliest moving companies in the entire Los Angeles County.