Retail Moves

Able Pasadena Movers understand that retailers have different relocation needs despite being members of the commercial industry. Therefore, we provide special retail moves and are ready for all kinds of challenges. Our will and expertise allow us to move retail establishments like shops, showrooms, display centers or entire shopping malls. We believe that with your guidance and our dedicated crew we can move and re-establish your retail shop at a new location in an unbelievably short period of time.

We have ample experience in dealing with retail establishments. During our retail moves, we have handled decorative items, filing cabinets, showcases, retail products, fragile furnishings, electrical lightning, and even billboards. Our customers have always been satisfied with the quality of our services and equally happy because we helped them put their stuff back in the right place once we are done unpacking them. As a result, we help our clients start their business and resume their operations without losing any more working days.

Whether the new location is across the street or the farthest side of the country, we promise to complete the move without a single unfortunate incident. Our moving crew is experienced and skilled when it comes to packing for retail moves. We go the extra mile to secure your things as we understand that your products will be useless if they are damaged. Even the single scratch can cost your business, which is why we take extra care of your merchandise, equipment, etc. We provide extra padding to cushion your valuables, ensuring their safety throughout the move. The same goes for your decorative material as retail shops spend enormous amounts of money to showcase their products in the right light.

Retail Moves - Why Go For It?
In our experiences with moving retail establishments, we have seen stores doing it for various reasons, such as:

Better Location
One of the most effective ways of getting more profit is relocating to a more profitable location. As we are a business ourselves, we understand that you need to get to your new location as quickly as possible before the competition. We can help with this aspect, so get in touch with us right away.

Opening a New Branch
If your business has been booming, then maybe it is the right time for you to open up a branch. Able Pasadena Movers has helped a lot of retail entities expand their businesses across the city of Pasadena and beyond. In addition to packing and moving, we also offer our services in arranging your merchandise, equipment, and everything we have moved. We understand that you would want to make sure that the theme of the original retail shop is replicated in your new branch, which is why we place your things according to your floor plan and your instructions.

Regardless of why you need to move your retail store, you can rely on our experienced movers to be by your side. Talk to us and tell us all about your needs. We will not only deliver what you expected; we will exceed it.

Retail Move - What Does It Entail?
Regardless of the sort of retail establishment you want us to move, rest assured that we are up to the challenge. Since we began our operations, we have moved entire shopping malls, display centers and franchises. We can help you too regardless of the size of your establishment, allowing you to tap into the power of a new, fresh location and attract new clientele.

As retail moves get tricky during the packing process, especially since you to protect your costly, fragile decorative items and your merchandise, you can rely on our packing services to help. We understand that you have spent a fortune on these, which is why we offer to protect them through effective packing, padded boxes, careful loading and unloading, and padded moving vehicles.

To further save your time and money, we offer to unpack and unbox your items according to the inventory list you provide. For an additional fee, you can rely on our experts to reorganize your merchandise, displays, etc. so that you can open for business quickly.

Retail Move – What is the Price of the Service?
Able Pasadena Movers believes in one hundred percent transparency. That is why we assign a representative to your move, ensuring that you have a single point of contact whom you can ask or discuss changes to your move plan with. As we also do not believe in a one-size-fits all, our quotes differ from client to client based on the following factors.

★ Distance between the two locations
★ Packing services
★ Fragility of the items
★ Quantity of the inventory
★ Weight of each item
★ Special moving and handling instructions
★ Services delivered

Once you decide to hire our services, we will send you a representative from our company to evaluate the site and figure out the most reasonable cost for your move. We urge you to discuss the price that was quoted to you. This way, you can be satisfied with the price of the service we deliver.

Call us at (626) 710-4471 for details or to book our retail moving services. We are confident that our quotes and quality of services are far better than some of the companies serving the Los Angeles County.