Packing Services

We realize that moving from one to another is an extremely tiring effort. You have to say meet so many people, cancel so many subscriptions and tackle the local paperwork. The most agonizingly stressful task of moving, however, is packing everything up. Do not worry; Able Pasadena Movers is here to make sure that packing is really the last of your worries.

Our moving crew is extremely experienced in this aspect of the move. Our boxes are weight-proportionate and properly packed to ensure that their contents do not wobble. With us by your side, you can remain absolutely stress free and concentrate on the other aspects of your move.

Able Pasadena Movers has some of the fastest packing crew in the city of Pasadena, but that does not mean that quality comes second. The most experienced crew member will be monitoring the rest, ensuring that they keep up the level of service our customers have been accustomed to. You can also supervise the crew if you want to and provide any instructions on handling your things. While we are experienced in moving, no one else knows your belongings like you do.

We have years of experience in dealing with residential and commercial sector. If you want us to pack your small office, your company’s headquarters, or while factory, we will make it happen. Whether it is furniture or industrial grade heavy machinery, no matter how small or big the move is, our moving crew can pack it all.
As we have EPA professionals hired especially for industrial moves, we are aware of how to handle hazardous or volatile material. We go the extra mile for our clients and always exceed their expectations. During the move, we assure you that your data will be safe and far away from prying eyes will fall upon them. We take your trust extremely seriously here at Able Pasadena Movers, which is why we will make sure to protect all your tangible and digital data.

Our Packing & Unpacking Services
Throughout the years, we have maintained the high quality of our packing and unpacking services. Though we go beyond the standards of these services, we always strive to improve ourselves and our techniques. Complementing our dedication to learning the latest in our industry is our experience handling all kinds of moving challenges. Therefore we are very confident of being able to ensure your satisfaction regardless of how complex your upcoming move is.

We offer the following packing services:

Full Packing & Unpacking Service
We recommend that you choose our complete packing services in order to ensure that all your belongings, assets, and merchandise survive all types of unforeseen incidents. Able Pasadena Movers will make sure that your things are packed systematically regardless of the type of move.

If you choose our full packing services, we will pack every single thing in your room. We will not just pile things inside a box and call it a day; our moving crew knows which item goes with what and how much weight the box can absorb. We also have a detailed labelling system which will prevent chaos once your things reach their destination.
By opting for full unpacking services, we will unpack everything we or you have packed according to the instructions you provided. We recommend that you be at the destination, though, so that you can guide our crew while placing your things.

Partial Packing & Unpacking Service
Some of our customers may want to pack their belongings themselves because their items are too private or too valuable. In that case, you can go with our partial packing and unpacking services. Trust us to provide the same kind of advice and quality in partial packing and unpacking services as we would in the complete packing and unpacking services.

You can discuss your needs with our representative or simply tell us on the spot which item you would want to pack yourself. The head of the packing crew we dispatch to you will help you if you ask guidance. We will give you a general guideline of the dos and don'ts of packing so that you can be sure of the safety of your things.
Similarly, while your things are getting unpacked, you can tell our moving crew which box you do not want opened. We will label these boxes beforehand to avoid any confusion. Trust us to be extremely reliable and friendly during every aspect of our service.

Items We Pack
Able Pasadena Movers accepts all moving challenges. We are ready to move everything and anything. Our packing technique reflects our professionalism and experience, ensuring that your belongings do not experience damage during the transit.

Here are some of the items that our moving crew regularly packs:
❖ Furniture
❖ Antique Artifacts
❖ Electrical Appliances
❖ Decorative Material
❖ Artwork
❖ Computers
❖ Servers
❖ Automobiles
❖ Boats
❖ Expensive Medical Equipment
❖ Tractors
❖ Industrial Grade Machinery
❖ Livestock
❖ Musical Instruments

Packing Materials
We use relevant and high quality packing materials to pack your belongings, assets, valuables, etc. The quality of our packing materials combined with our packing skills is how we make sure that no damage occurs while your things are in transit. If you want, we can also provide you with our packing materials if you want to avail our partial packing services.

The following are some of the materials we offer our clients:
❖ Packing Tape
❖ Bubble Wrap
❖ Plastic Wrap
❖ Paper Pads
❖ Peanuts
❖ End Caps
❖ Corner Blocks
❖ Boxes - All Sizes

So what are you waiting for? Call us today at (626) 710-4471 and book our packing services today!