Moving Services

Able Pasadena Movers provides various moving services, making it your one stop solution to all your moving need. We are in the heart of the moving industry, always comparing prices and learning new services to stay at the top. We carry out meticulous planning whenever we are going for a move. We plan every step of the way and formulate a general timeline that we also share with you so that everything is synchronized.

From the start to the finish, and even after that, Able Pasadena Movers will remain in touch with you. We believe in keeping the entire moving process transparent so that there is never an instance where you feel unsafe and unsatisfied.

We also constantly thrive to prove that we are one of the best in our industry. We believe that excellence means nothing if it is not consistent and our aim is to exceed your expectations and make your move as comfortable as possible.

It does not matter whether you want to move your residence, industry, office, retail establishment; Able Pasadena Movers is up for any and all challenges. Our moving crew is experienced and very energetic. For them, packing, unpacking, loading, unloading and setting up the place after the move is routine. We also follow the regulations of OSHA and EPA; not only do we know what we are doing, we are also well aware of government laws and regulations.
Here are some general categories of the moves we regularly handle:

Residential Moves
Able Pasadena Movers is a trusted name in the local Pasadena community because we offer high quality residential move services. We are dedicated to eliminating any source of stress during your move, allowing you to focus on other important aspects such as communicating with utility companies and transferring your children’s schools.

Local Moves
If you want to move to a new residence, office, store, etc. that is within a 20-mile radius of your current location, then that would be classified as a Local Move. We provide excellent packing and quick move services that you can avail whenever you want to move nearby.

Non-Local Moves
If you are relocating to a new property that is more than 20 miles away from your current residence, that move would be considered as a Non-local Move. Like local moves, rest assured that the quality of service you receive will be quite high. However, there will be a bit more tasks added to the timeline we provide as we would like to make sure that all your belongings, assets, and merchandise are protected throughout the move.

Commercial Moves
Able Pasadena Movers can handle all types of commercial moves. Whether you are the owner of a business, hotel, or even a factory, we are the right people to trust for your upcoming relocation. In addition to effectively moving your items, we can pack them in a way that reduces their chances of incurring damage throughout the move and by the time we unload them at your new destination.

Office Moves

If you are looking to move your office from one place to another, we offer to lend you a hand through our “Office Move” service. Since we first started out, we have helped our clients move from small offices to bigger ones and the other way around. When we say big, we mean actual buildings of offices. Everything from your office, including servers, filing cabinets, decoration items, furniture and electrical appliances, will be packed, loaded, moved, unloaded and then unpacked with absolute professionalism. If part of your service package, Able Pasadena Movers will make sure that your unpacked items are also placed according to your instructions` so that you can start utilizing your new office soon after you move.

Retail Moves
If you are a member of the retail industry and have a shop, showroom or an entire shopping mall, our “Retail Move” service is the right fit for you. As we are experts on moving even the most delicate and fragile things, trust us to take care of your products and your decorative items.

Packing & Unpacking Services
Our moving crew is specially experienced in packing and unpacking. We have various versions of packing services that are further defined in the Packing section of the website. Rest assured that we will pack in a way that ensures that your items are not affected during the loading, transit and unloading.

Storage Facilities
During long distance moves, regardless of whether they are residential or commercial, we may need to store your items for quite some time. This can be to wait for your arrival at the destination or during bad weather conditions. In these cases, we will place your packed items in one of our numerous storage units. These are secure and insured to put your mind at ease.

Able Pasadena Movers also offers all kinds of insurance options that you can avail. While we take every measure necessary to protect your belongings, we offer this assurance for customers who like to be extra careful.
Call right now at (626) 710-4471 and book our services today. We are also available to answer as many questions as you want, so do not hesitate to give us a call and talk to our representatives.